The Julia K. Petrino Award

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The Julia K. Petrino Award

The Julia K. Petrino Award was established to honor middle school classical scholars who exemplify the dedication, discipline, and love of Classics exemplified by the young woman for whom the award is named. It was established by Julia K. Petrino's middle school Latin teacher, Lauri Dabbieri, as well as family and friends of Julia. The recipients are selected by a committee from a group of middle school students nominated by their teachers based on their performance on the National Mythology Exam and other activities in the field of classics. All teachers administering the National Mythology Exam to middle level students receive nomination forms for this award.

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Past Julia K. Petrino award recipients are as follows:

2018 Petrino Winner

Hannah Beltran

Emerald Academy

Misty Beltran


Eleanor Kelly

Yokohama Classics Club

Kathryn Kelly

2017: Sarah Park Phillips from Sewickley Academy;
teacher Matthew Phillips

2017: Peyton Louise Robuck from Wilson Hill Academy;
teacher Katie Robuck

2016: Aislinn Niimi from Master's Academy;
teacher Sherri Madden

2015: Susanna Schoeck from Master's Academy;
teacher Sherri Madden

2014: Katie Danis from Gaston Day School;
teacher Shay Wilkerson

2014: Hannah Marier from Marist School;
teacher Ann Saunders

2013: Fiachra Rottinghaus from Lander Catholic Homeschool,
teacher Mallory Ann Hayes

2013: Laura Schoeck from Master's Academy,
teacher Sherri Madden

2012: Zoe Cloud from Science and Arts Academy;
teacher Melissa Cannata

2012: Blaise Millman from Classical Homeschool Academy;
teacher Amy Mandelker

2011:Anna Schoeck from Master's Academy;
teacher Sherri Madden

2011: Ariel Silver from Crossroads Academy;
teacher Jessica Lahey

2010: Divya Ramakrishnan from the Meadows School;
teacher Kimberly Kemtes

2009: Vickie Williams from The Wilson School;
teacher Joana Ocros-Ritter

2009: Evan Robert Draim from St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School;
nominator Ian Hochberg

2008: Lucy Cabell Ross from Aletheum School;
teacher Elizabeth Pyle Ross

2008: Brandon Chawner from The Chawner Academy;
teacher Robyn Chawner

2007: Emily Iannarilli from the Montrose School;
teacher Karen Demirjian

2007: Mic Townsend from the Fuqua School;
teacher Jodi Maxey

2006: Megan McHugh from Flagg Street School;
teacher Patricia Johnson

2005: Aubrey Binkley from Augustine School;
teacher Mark Dubis

2004: Claudia Hochstein from Barrington Middle School;
teacher Virginia Anderson

2003: Mary Roberts from Reformation Lutheran;
teacher Claudia Colvin

Calliope Award

ETC's Calliope Award is a biannual award designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated long-term commitment to the promotion and advancement of Classical Studies in the elementary and middle schools.

View information about the following recipients:

2018 Matthew Webb

2016 Kris Tracy

2014 Susan Senechal

2012 Diana Nixon

2010 Dawn Carlin