Classics Club

Classics Club was established in the early years of Excellence Through Classics (ETC) to provide a Club atmosphere for elementary students to learn more about the language, culture, art, history, and mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Classics Club has been revitalized and will provide a place for younger students (K - 6) to have experiences comparable to those found in the National Junior Classical League (NJCL). We would like to think of the Classics Club as "little" or "parva" NJCL.

ETC and the NJCL are both standing committees of the American Classical League. Students who meet the criteria for NJCL should visit the NJCL website and join at their state and local levels.

Sponsors for Classics Clubs can be teachers of any subject area, or adults who are interested in promoting classics at the elementary level. Classics Club can function to supplement any curriculum, as an enrichment activity for a history of language class, or as an after school club. Classics Club is designed for students in public and private schools and will be of particular interest to homeschoolers who are looking for a forum to share similar interests. There will be opportunities for all students to participate in age appropriate contests, group competitions, and national exams. Classics Club sponsors are encouraged to administer the Exploratory Latin Exam and/or the National Mythology Exam, which are both sponsored by the ETC.

"Challenges" based on the competition categories for NJCL will be sent to each club as a PDF file. Requirements for each of these challenges will be enumerated, and the sponsor will be responsible for determining when the challenge has been met. A challenge record card and stickers will be provided so that each student can track progress.

Teachers can plan the format of their meeting and use any material they choose to complete the challenges. If needed, we will happy to provide suggestions and support.


For 2018 - 2019:

$20.00 annual REGISTRATION

$2.00 per student membership fee

Upon payment, sponsors will receive:

a CERTIFICATE recognizing their club


CHALLENGE LIST CARD for each student and STICKER REWARDS to distribute and affix to the Challenge List Card as the challenges are met.

AWARD RIBBONS (from the NCLG) for students who complete required challenges.


Registered clubs will have the option to purchase promotional items and Classics Club T-shirts. They will gain access to an online space for collaboration between schools, where activities can be shared, questions can be asked, and student work can be published. There are also plans for competitions for additional prizes for club members.

Contact Classics Club Chair Zee Ann Poerio for questions.